Workers Compensation

Workers Compensation Insurance

Alabama law requires public and private employers to have workers compensation insurance. With very few exceptions, if you have more than four (4) full or part-time employees, you must have workers compensation insurance.  Workers compensation laws are in place to ensure employees are provided with prompt medical treatment and financial compensation in the event they were to suffer a workplace injury or illness.  This form of insurance also protects you as an employer from a lawsuit associated with such an injury or illness.

Workers compensation benefits may generally cover:

•    Medical care related to the injury or illness incurred
•    Lost income
•    Vocational rehabilitation
•    Death benefits
•    Permanent injury compensation

It is important to fully review and understand all coverage options prior to selecting a policy as your workers compensation policy could impact your employee’s lives.  This can often be a difficult task for an employer.  At the Collins Insurance Agency, we understand the challenges you may encounter with workers compensation insurance.  We are committed to working with you to make this process as easy as possible.

Workers compensation insurance is a state regulated insurance, therefore coverage and premiums vary state to state.  Having been a part of the Hoover community for over 60 years, we understand the requirements and coverage needed for businesses in Alabama.  We focus on understanding your business and your needs to determine the best workers compensation solution for you.  We are one of the exclusive agencies chosen to represent the Alabama Homebuilder’s Worker’s Compensation Fund!  

Insurance carriers may take weeks to fully evaluate your business and loss history before providing a quote.  It is important to review your workers compensation plan a few months before the expiration of your current policy to allow you to fully review all of the options available to you.  

Contact us today at (205)-987-5911 for more information on workers compensation insurance or to obtain a free quote!  You may use our Workers Compensation Insurance Tool to begin this process as well!

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