Insurance Claim Contacts

Contact Us Immediately At Our Offices


If for any reason you can’t reach our agency to file a claim, such as on a weekend or Holiday, you may contact the following companies directly to file your claim:

Auto Owners
888-CLAIM AO (888-252-4620)

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800-252-4633 (Home and Automobile)
800-238-6225 (Business Claims)
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Guide One
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Progressive Insurance Co.
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EMC Insurance
888-EMC-CALL (888-362-2255)
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Philadelphia Insurance
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Foremost Insurance Company
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If your claim is not an emergency, you may want to leave us a message on our office voice mail to call you on the next business day.

If you do choose to contact one of the insurance companies directly, we do request that you contact our office on the next business day regarding your claim if at all possible. This will enable us to better assist you on any future questions that may arise about your claim.

In Case of an Accident

  1. Gather information:
    1. Automobile accident:
      1. Obtain the name of the other driver and the license number of the vehicle.
    2. Other losses:
      1. Take necessary precautions to protect your property from further damage. In the event of personal injury, obtain the names and addresses of individuals involved and witnesses.
  2. Do not discuss details of the accident with anyone but the investigating police officer.
  3. Contact our agency as soon as possible. If our agency is closed, contact the insurance company with the phone numbers shown above.

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Frank Polhill at Franklin Automotive

"I have been doing business with Mike Collins for over 22 years. His agency takes care of our personal and many of our business insurance needs. You will not find a better agency."

Carolyn Pettus at Edgewood Service Center

"We have been a client of Collins Insurance for over 25 years. They are honest, dependable and always there when you need them. And they have great rates!"

Charles Dye of Paramount Services

"We have been using Collins Insurance Agency for over 30 years and have found their pricing, service, and claims handling to be superb. They handle all of our business and personal insurance needs. We highly recommend Collins Insurance Agency to anyone."

Pete Donohoo at Donohoo Auto

"We have used Mike for over 10 years, and he has helped us as we have grown. His staff is very responsive, and he is very accessible when we need him and good about getting back to us on our questions."